Euchomenella belongs to the branch imitating praying mantids. Adult female are not able to fly bacause of their reduced wings.

Mantids from this genus are not very aggressive, so they could be kept together until L5/ L6. Bigger female nymphs should be single- kept.

At present, at least 8 species are described: e.g. Euchomenella finoti (ROY, 2001), E. macrops (SAUSSURE, 1870), E. moluccarum (SAUSSURE, 1872) and E. pallida (ROY, 2001).

Typical look of the nymphs:

  • L2 and up: like bigger nymphs

Euchomenella are mantids showing an interesting behavior when they are disturbed: some are camouflaging theirselfes, others are running and jumping away.