Deroplatys is a group of leaf-imitating mantids. They are middle to big sized with a big pronotum.

Deroplatys can be found at the ground of the rainforest.

Mantids of this genus should be better kept seperately because of the high aggression between. Especially older female nymphs or adult females are very aggressive. Only nymphs up to L4/L5 or males can be kept together.

At present, at least 11 species are described, for example Deroplatys angustata (WESTWOOD, 1841), D. desiccata (WESTWOOD, 1839), D. lobata (GUÉRIN-MÉNEVILLE, 1838) and D. truncata (GUÉRIN-MÉNEVILLE, 1843). They are mainly spread in East-Asia.

Typical look of the nymphs :

  • L2 and up: like bigger nymphs, no ant-mimicry

Mantids of the genus Deroplatys are not easy to breed or keep. It is not very easy to meet their requirements concerning light, temperature and humidity.